Marketing Liberation and Empowerment

14 May

After seeing Kotex commercials:

and reading this:

I thought of other ways marketing has tried to capitalize on empowerment, revolutionary thinking, liberation and even radicalism.

Here’s a commercial for Miracle Whip that makes me uncomfortable:

The commercial uses punk-like background music, “diverse” (well, black and white) actors, college aged individuals with roof-kiddie pools and the leisure time and money to have a rooftop party (on top of their Brooklyn brownstone, I’m sure) with burgers and spinach artichoke dipped pita chips.

What I find particularly interesting and distressing about ad campaigns like these is that they blur the lines of genuine benevolence/real change-driven movements and concealed advertising.


2 Responses to “Marketing Liberation and Empowerment”

  1. Rose May 14, 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Hi! I want to leave a legit comment, but I have to write 10 pages by 5pm, so I shouldn’t even be looking at this, but I totally agree, and on the one hand, totally love that ad people are picking up on what I see as a more realistic version of life while on the other hand I’m a bit ticked off that they’re just going to benefit from it while not actually adding anything.

    I did particularly enjoy when the Kotex ad made fun of other tampon ads b/c they’re usually completely redonk.

    Also, the first time I watched the mayo ad, I had NO idea what they were trying to say until the “don’t be so mayo” line hit. But I watch that ad, and instead of thinking about going out and buying mayo, I’m wondering what I would have to do in life in order to have that rooftop brownstone w/ leisurely days off with nothing to do. I guess they’re also trying to “sell” that lifestyle.

    I promised myself this would be a short comment and I would continue writing my paper. fail.

    • ksemnk May 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

      Oh yeah, I agree. And I find the Kotex commercials so funny and amusing. That’s the problem; they’re using a bit of truth mixed with humor to sell me something. That’s what scares me: effective advertising. It’s a brilliant campaign.

      By the way, don’t the Kotex commercials remind you of Sarah Haskins?

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